KIK Custom Products are the leaders in Packet, Sachet, pouch liquid manufacturing/packaging. We offer Turnkey Packet Solutions, from Compounding to Filling. Let us help you with your promotional & Sale-able Packet projects. View examples in our Gallery:

A selection of our formats are:


  • Single Sachets/Packets, Traditional Cut Design
  • Tandem Sachets/Packets, Traditional Cut Design
  • Multi-dose Sachets/Packets (Tri,Quad & Quint), Traditional Cut design
  • Sachets on Card Stock
  • Sachets on Folding card stock (Cou-packs)
  • Folding Sachet Stock
  • 180 Degree Die-cut Sachets/Packets
  • 360 degree Die-cut Sachets/Packets
  • Single Dose Towelette/PAD Sachets/Packets
  • Hang tag Sachets/Packets
  • Peg Hole Sachets/Packets
  • Custom Sachets/Packets