Our success in Health and Safety is the result of a strong Leadership Commitment to the health and welfare of our workforce.   Through  efforts to reduce risk by identifying and correcting unsafe conditions and improving the safety decision-making of our employees, contractors and visitors, we have seen our injury rates drop below the industry average.  
We have dedicated Health, Safety, Security and Sustainability teams (HESS) in each plant that  maintain our Regulatory programs, Permits and other Legislation as well as guide workforce in applying these guidelines in their everyday work.  Our rigorous self-auditing system helps all Plant Teams grow and build sustainable programs.
We have developed world class training programs that meet the learning styles of our multi-generational workforce and guarantee that no employee starts a job without dedicated job training. 
We collaborate with our Customer’s EHS Teams to make sure all safety concerns are satisfied in this co-packing environment  and welcome all new ideas for building successful HESS programs.